CS2 Gernade Basics: Best Way To Use Nades

Ever feel like you are constantly getting outsmarted by the other team in CS2? They seem to know exactly where to throw smokes to block your vision, and their flashbangs leave you stumbling around like a lost puppy. But what if you could be the one controlling the chaos?

How would you feel if you could perfectly time a smoke grenade? What will be the flow of your game if you can cut off the enemy’s sightline and let your team push onto the bomb site?

Use grenades strategically to boost your game performance. Grenades are the secret weapon of CS2, which can change your whole gameplay when used correctly. This guide will reveal all to you regardless of your level of experience in playing it.

We will discuss the various categories of grenades and how to properly throw them. We will also see in the next section how you and your team can use these basic throws to score winning plays. Get ready to transform from a confused grenade chucker into a grenade gang leader, leaving your enemies wondering what hit them!

Mastering the Use of Grenades in CS2

In the competitive world of CS2, grenades are not mere throwables. They are potent tools that can tip the scales in your team’s favor when used strategically. Utilizing grenades effectively grants you the following:

  • Tactical Advantage – Well-placed smokes can obscure enemy vision, creating opportunities for safe passage or strategic bombsite takeovers. Flashbangs can disorient opponents, allowing for surprise attacks or calculated retreats.

  • Map Control – By strategically deploying smoke and Molotov grenades, you can manipulate map flow, controlling access to crucial areas and dictating the pace of the game.

  • Enemy Disruption – Flashbangs and HE grenades drastically affect the enemy formations and strategies. This also helps in creating openings for your team to capitalize on.

However, using grenades without a proper plan can negatively affect your in-game performance. They are a valuable resource that when misused can put your teammates at risk or alert the enemy to your position.

Types of Grenades in CS2

There are different types of grenades used in CS2. Understanding their functionalities is essential for strategic use in the gameplay. Some of the common types of grenades used in CS2 are as follows:

Smoke Grenade (Smoke)

Costing $100, smoke grenades are the workhorses of CS2 grenades. They create a dense cloud of smoke that obstructs vision, making them ideal for:

  • Blocking enemy sightlines during bombsite pushes or retakes.
    • Creating a cover for planting or defusing the bomb.
    • Executing strategic maneuvers like flanking or isolating enemies.

Flashbang (Flash)

Priced at $200, flashbangs are temporary blinding and deafening grenades. They disorient opponents within range, creating opportunities for:

  • Initiating aggressive pushes onto bomb sites.
    • Covering strategic retreats or rotations.
    • Flushing out enemies from hiding spots.

High-Explosive Grenade (HE)

HE grenades deal significant explosive damage upon impact, costing $300. They excel at:

  • Dislodging enemies from fortified positions or behind cover.
    • Weakening opponents before engaging them in a firefight.
    • Causing area damage to deny enemy movement or plant attempts.

Molotov/Incendiary Grenade

These grenades create fire zones that damage enemies and restrict movement. Molotovs are exclusive to Terrorists, while Incendiaries are for Counter-Terrorists. Both cost $900:

  • Molotovs are best thrown directly at the ground to maximize fire spread.
    • Incendiaries can be bounced off walls for strategic placements.
    • They are ideal for blocking pathways, preventing bomb plants or defusals, and flushing out enemies.

Decoy Grenade

The most affordable option at $50, decoy grenades mimic player movement on the enemy radar. While they don’t inflict damage, they can be used creatively to:

  • Distract enemies and draw their attention away from strategic points.
    • Simulate a flank or an incoming attack to disrupt enemy formations.

Perfecting Your Throw – Effective Tips and Techniques

Throwing grenades effectively in CS2 requires practice, precision, and an understanding of various throwing techniques and map-specific strategies. Here is a simple breakdown of how you can refine your throws:

Understanding Throw Mechanics

To perfect your throwing technique, you need to understand the throw mechanics. Keep these three points in mind while battling in the competitive field of CS2:

  • Left-Click Throw: The standard throw for quick throws or short distances.
  • Right-Click Throw: Used for long-distance throws or throws requiring higher arcs.
  • Jump Throw: Involves jumping while throwing to achieve greater distance or throw over obstacles.

Mastering Throwing Techniques

Once you know the basic throw mechanics, the other crucial thing to consider is the throwing technique. Here are some effective throwing techniques that you can master to maximize your chances to win.

  • Pop Flash – A crucial technique where the flashbang detonates upon release from your hand, maximizing its effectiveness and minimizing reaction time for enemies.

  • Bounce Throws – Utilize bounces off walls or surfaces to reach concealed locations or achieve strategic placements for grenades like Molotovs or Incendiaries.

  • Map-Specific Lineups – Learn specific throw locations and techniques for each map in CS2. This allows for consistent and effective grenade deployment. Resources like community guides and tutorials can help you master these lineups.

  • Practice Makes Perfect – Utilize offline servers with console commands like “sv_cheats 1” and “noclip” to practice throws without time constraints. Experiment with different techniques and angles to refine your muscle memory.

Teamwork and Communication – The Key to Success

While mastering individual throws is important, effective grenade usage in CS2 heavily relies on teamwork and communication. Communicate with teammates to plan coordinated throws. For instance, a smoke grenade can be used to obscure vision before a flashbang is thrown to disorient enemies for a push.

Inform your team about the grenades you throw, allowing them to adjust their tactics and positioning accordingly. Be flexible and adapt your grenade usage based on the evolving situation in the round. Don’t be afraid to improvise throws to counter enemy strategies.


It is now time to conclude CS2 grenade basics. Use the following guidelines and tips to help you improve your CS2 grenade gaming skills. Get familiar with the various types of grenades, how they work, and key throwing techniques such as pop flashes and bouncers.

It is crucial to propose map-specific lineups for consistent deployments. To improve your throughput, you should practice a lot so that you can learn how to throw correctly. However, the true potential of grenades can be seen not in spectacular strikes made by some unique player, but in collaboration and coordination. Feel free to change the nade usage depending on the rounds’ flow, and do not forget that the main idea is always to be cooperative to make the most of grenades for the players’ team.

Hard work, seeking help from other available sources such as forums, and watching better players strategize and play will help you graduate from being a mere grenade rookie to become a tactical genius.

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