Skins that Professional CSGO Players use

Since the CSGO took the FPS industry by storm, Skins have been a huge part of it. Either skins are meant for Trading in CSGO or you have to show these rare items to the public. One thing is sure they will always be important in the game. CSGO holds one of the biggest e-sports tournaments where people go crazy for their favorite competitors. There are even some skins that these competitors use for their plays and frankly, they increase in value considerably after that. Here in this article, we are going to mention Skins that Professional CSGO players use. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details.

Professional CSGO Player Skin- S1mple

Whenever we are talking about the best CSGO professional player, S1mple is going to simply pop off at the top. Most of the time S1mple plays with Awp and USP, but he also perfected himself with other guns as well. For a bit of info, S1mple is from Ukraine and is playing under the top team NaVi. So, he uses the following Skins in CSGO;


  • Fade Skin for AWP, Gloves, Karambit, and Glock-18
  • Overgrowth on USP-S
  • Atomic Alloy on M4A1-S
  • Fire Serpent on AK-47
  • Emerald Jormungandr on Desert Eagle

Professional CSGO Player Skin- NiKo

Also considered one of the greatest professional players in CSGO, NiKo plays for the G2 Esports. With the team itself, NiKo has got some amazing MVP titles, while having other awards throughout his journey into the professional CSGO. NiKo uses the following Skins on weaponry;


  • Fade on Gloves, Glock-18, and Butterfly Knife
  • Asiimov on StatTrak AWP
  • The Emperor on M4A4
  • Royal Blue on USP-S
  • Point Disarray on StatTrak AK-47
  • Blaze on Desert Eagle

Professional CSGO Player Skin Dev1ce

This professional CSGO player has been around for some time, playing with other Danish professionals like Devve. He played under the famous CSGO team NiP or Ninjas in Pajamas. Well, it isn’t a secret that this team won around 4 CSGO Major Tournaments, but Dev1ce had a major role behind the winning. Dev1ce has a rather unique Skin choice like;


  • Crimson Kimono on Specialist Gloves
  • Gungnir on AWP
  • Welcome to Jungle on M4A1-S
  • Orion on StatTrak USP-S
  • Case Hardened on AK-47
  • Blaze on Desert Eagle
  • Gamma Doppler Emerald on M9 Bayonet
  • Water Elemental on Glock-18

Professional CSGO Player Skin- electroNic

A neighbor of S1mple, electroNic comes from Russia and plays under one of the best professional CSGO teams NaVi. But, he started way back with Evolution Squad and changed numerous teams to get here. The favorite skins for electroNic are;


  • Crimson Komono for Specialist Gloves
  • Man-o-war for AWP
  • Welcome to the Jungle for M4A1-S
  • Target Acquired for USP-S
  • Gamma Doppler for Glock-18
  • X-Ray for AK-47
  • Blaze for Desert Eagle
  • Doppler Ruby for Butterfly Knife

Professional CSGO Player Skin- ZywOo

Unlike most players on the list, ZywOo is a French Player and is also considered one of the best CSGO players out there. ZywOo wasn’t recognized until late 2018 but has been playing the game professionally since 2016. Because he received MVP many times in the tournament, he got recognized by the audience. ZywOo has the position of AWper in Team Vitality, while he is also insane with other weapons in CSGO. His main go to Skins here are;


  • Crimson Web for Specialist Gloves
  • Asiimov for AWP
  • The Emperor for M4A4
  • Kill Confirmed for USP-S
  • Vogue for StatTrak Glock-18
  • Fade for StatTrak Talon Knife
  • Code Red for StatTrak Desert Eagle
  • Bloodsport for StatTrak AK-47

Professional CSGO Player Skin- FalleN

One of the most famous professional players in CSGO, FalleN is Brazilian and has been around since the age of CS Source. Since 2014 FalleN has been playing CSGO as a professional and hold the position of AWPer and also the captain. The Skins FalleN uses in CSGO are;


  • Slaughter for Hand Wraps
  • Redline for StatTrak AWP
  • Blue Phosphor or M4A1-S
  • Kill Confirmed for StatTrak USP-S
  • Blue Fissure for StatTrak Glock-18
  • Vulcan for AK-47
  • Blue ply for StatTrak Desert Eagle
  • Crimson Web for Butterfly Knife

Professional CSGO Player Skin- kennyS

kennyS, also titles “The AWP God” has been playing Counter-Strike since the beginning. While he isn’t a professional player anymore, he is considered one of the deadliest players out there. He was in the professional plays since 2011 under the team called G2 Esports. As we already mentioned he is the king of AWP, he takes the role of AWPer in his team. The skins that kennyS uses in CSGO are;


  • Fade for Specialist Gloves and Flip Knife
  • Asiimov for AWP
  • Knight for M4A1-S
  • Stainless for StatTrak USP-S
  • Night for Glock-18
  • Printstream for Desert Eagle
  • Gold Arabesque for AK-47

Professional CSGO Player Skin- Rain

You might have heard of this famous esports team by name of Faze Clan. Well, Rain has been the oldest member of the clan, coming with roots back in 2013, as a CSGO professional player. At that time Faze Clan was known as the Team kinguin and Rain here took the role of a Rifler. Rain himself is Norwegian and has some of the best highlights of professional CSGO plays out there. The skins he likes to use in CSGO are;


  • Snow Leopard or Driver Gloves
  • Redline for AWP
  • Orion for StatTrak USP-S
  • Mecha Industries for M4A1-S
  • Fade for Glock-18
  • Case Hardened for StatTrak AK-47
  • Fennec Fox for Desert Eagle
  • Black Laminate for Butterfly Knife

Professional CSGO Player Skin- Sh1ro

The youngest CSGO professional player in our list of professional CSGO player skins. Sh1ro was born in 2001 and has been playing professionally since 2018. The figures don’t add up, but the plays of this Russian boy make up for his youth. Sh1ro plays professionally under a famous team by name of Gambit Esports, while taking the role of AWPer. In 2021 he also won several awards and an MVP award, making him a prodigy. So, Sh1ro plays with the following skins in CSGO;


  • Crimsonon Kimono for Specialist Gloves
  • In Living Color for M4A4
  • Wildfire for AWP
  • Orion for USP-S
  • Bloodsport for AK-47
  • Fade for Flip Knife
  • Blaze for Desert Eagle
  • Dragon Tattoo for Glock-18