What is Steam API Scam and how can I prevent it?

As Steam flourishes and more CS:GO players come into the game, there will always be fraudulent people trying to scam them. The Steam API Scam is one of the latest types of scam you can find in the CS:GO game, and one that can be extremely problematic.

How do people try to scam using the Steam API approach?

Generally, they create a phishing website where they add a “login with Steam” button which is obviously fake. These sites are created specifically to acquire your Steam login information. Hackers are using a script to grab your data and then access the Steam Web API key which is unique for your account.

They connect to your account, and then they can track your trade offers for the CS:GO skins. The trade offers will then be masked with a similar offer that is fake. As they do that, hackers transfer your skins to their account. In the end, every user that deals with a Steam API Scam will have their skins stolen and tracking them will be very difficult.

Ways to protect your account from any Steam API Scam

Now that you know how this Steam API Scam works, it’s crucial to find ways to protect yourself from this type of attack. Thankfully, you can use some of the methods listed below:

  • You should never use the “login with Steam” button on websites you don’t trust. This way you can prevent most scams, while also making sure your account is safe and away from any type of harm.
  • Change your Steam Web API key often. Changing this often will help you protect yourself from any attacks. It will lower the chances of getting scammed, while also making sure you have a better trading experience.
  • Validate and verify the Sent Trade Offers all the time. Activating the trade confirmation system on your phone or via your email helps that. Any of the requested trade offers will only be processed through systems you already own, thus lowering the chances of getting scammed.
  • Another thing you should change often is your Steam trade URL and your password. When it comes to passwords, try to make them long and very complex. That will also make them much harder to crack.

The Steam API Scam is very prevalent these days, so you want to ensure that you protect yourself against any attacks. We recommend using the tips and tricks presented above, and you will have no problem getting an amazing experience. Plus, you will lower the chances of dealing with any Steam API Scam in the long run.

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