CSGO Skin Float and Pattern Guide

It isn’t a secret that skins in CSGO are on a whole different level. People purchasing/selling skins for thousands of dollars and the skin trade being a legitimate business in CSGO can’t be found anywhere else. But there is always variation in the price of skin irrespective of physical appearance to unprofessional CSGO traders.

One might ask, what is the reason behind all this? Well, it all goes to the backend, being about floats and patterns on skins. To understand them both, we managed to compile a guide on CSGO skin float points and CSGO patterns. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details.

CSGO Skin Float Value

Skins in CSGO have math behind them, referred to as the Float Value. A change in value changes the outlook of skin on the weapon. You might have seen some skins looking completely perfect without any scratch or color deficiency, while some looking scratched. This is because the Float Value being ranging from zero to one.

The closer Float Value is to the zero (minimum), the better it will look on the weapon, while the closer it is to one (maximum), the worse it will look.

Float Value Category

There are five conditions or categories that differentiate skins on weapons from best to worst

  • Factory New
  • Minimal Wear
  • Field Tested
  • Well Worn
  • Battle Scarred

Now, let’s define them one by one;

CSGO Skin Float- Factory New

This is the best condition coming from 0.00 to 0.07 Float point value. They are the most expensive because no scratches to negligible ones

CSGO Skin Float- Minimal Wear

Coming after the Factor New, the minimal wear condition comes around 0.07 to 0.15 Float Point value. The difference between the first and this one is not much.

CSGO Skin Float- Field Tested

The third best out of the bunch, Field Tested comes around 0.15 to 0.38 Float Points. When you are considering purchasing the best budget to quality ratio, there is nothing that beats Field Tested

CSGO Skin Float- Well Worn

Having a Float Point value of around 0.38 to 0.45, Well worn is the 2nd worst out of all. You can get them for a reasonable price and want to show your skin in the game. You can find parts of skin color and pattern missing.

CSGO Skin Float- Battle Scarred

Just as the name suggests, it is the worst condition for skin in CSGO. Coming at around 0.45 to 1.00 Float Point value, there are sections of skin missing and you can see scratches here and there.

How to Check the Float Point Value of a Skin?

Now, the question remains how you can check a Float Point value of skin before purchasing it for yourself or making a trade. It is important because most of the time people get scammed, as some people portray different float points but give you higher float point valued skins.

Here in this CSGO Skin Float and Pattern Guide, we will discuss three methods to help you identify the float points.

Method One

This is the most common method and nearly anyone into the Float Point of CSGO Skin Trading for a while knows it.

  • First of all, open the game CSGO
  • Then find the skin you want to know Float Point for
  • Click (right) on that specific one
  • Select the Inspect option
  • Now, on the right bottom corner of the display (window), hover your mouse on the document icon
  • There are various options there for you to check out, including that special CSGO skin float value

Method Two

  • Now, this method is not that common. In this method, you will have to check out websites that provide an analysis of your steam inventory. They also show you the float point values

Method Three

As we already method different categories of Float Point that differentiate one skin from another. Same, each skin has a maximum and a minimum value for Float Point that tells you in which category it drops.

Like Crimson skins have around 0.06 minimum value, while 0.00 to 0.07 is for Factory new. The chances are exceptionally low around 0.01 to get the skin in completely new condition that sells for exceptional values.

Furthermore, always look at the brightness, and skin scratches, and double-check the float point from various sources before making a deal.

CSGO Skin Pattern

Now, it’s time to talk about that skin pattern that is made by their specific creators. A Skin might be the same but its pattern can be different. It all falls on the rarity of the item when talking about patterns.

The harder a pattern is to get, the more expensive it will be. An example of such a rare pattern will be Case Hardened Skin and Gold, Blue Gem, and Blaze Pattern.

One thing to note is that a pattern doesn’t always have to be about its rarity or expensiveness. Sometimes it’s about a specific event close to you or a color that you like specifically.

Skin Pattern and Float Point

A crazy thing about the pattern is that it gets more and more when the float point increases. In simple words, when the skin gets around the Battle Scarred category, some skins show off more patterns. Like the Tec 9 Hades and the AWP Asiimov.

The Factory New skins might be the most expensive, but there is a chance one might not like them that much. If you are using a skin only for yourself, then a skin where you unlock patterns with more use makes more sense.

Final Verdict

Float Points in CSGO are one of the important aspects of skins to notice. The lower they are (closer to 0.00) the best skin will look with its brightness and clarity. While the higher they are (close to 1) the worse a skin will look. It also affects the expensiveness of the skin.

But, some skin patterns out there evolve to greater looks when they start reaching the higher Float Point mark, which makes sense when you want a budget skin for yourself. All in one, this article is all about the CSGO Skin Float and Pattern guide to help you out.